Article by Kulturanova

Soft Skills are a set of skills and characteristics that contribute to better, more productive and creative relationships between people and processes that take place within an organization, company, association or group of people.

As such, they are very important in both culture and art. Especially since they are almost always expressed through conversation, feeling, discussion and critical thinking, which requires creative soft skills.

Although there is no universal definition of art, it is there to encourage the senses, change, thinking, and rethinking attitudes and values. On the other hand, art communicates with the individual at the same time, but also with larger groups, even the masses. That is why creative soft skills are an indispensable part of art.

These skills are, among other things, acquired through various forms of youth work. There are several youth workers in the Association Kulturanova who use these skills in the process of creating art forms. This principle permeates through the theater, through the music and film industry, but also through other activities and programs that we do. Over the years, it has turned out that applying such skills increases motivation, finding creative solutions and thinking outside the box.

This ultimately results in more innovative and modern forms of plays, music videos and movies. The art we deal with is socially engaged and activist. It re-examines, criticizes, points to the problem and offers solutions to it, and that requires a process. And in order for this process to be high quality, productive, efficient and effective, it is necessary to use creative soft skills because they develop and manage such processes.

Take, for example, the play that deals with the issue of migration. It is impossible (or at least will not be of the same quality) for the team working on it to present the story, their feelings and impressions without using these skills. There is teamwork, creativity, active listening, responsibility, flexibility and many more.

Creativity, which refers to the way in which problems are approached, is especially important for art. It is an approach that is unique, innovative, effective that thinks outside the box and goes beyond what is obvious. It is the potential to create something new through art and culture.