How can the Creative Soft Skills Toolkit help you?

Creative Soft Skills is an Erasmus+ project aiming to produce a methodology to identify, strengthen and harness artists’ soft skills and facilitate the connection between artists at the early stage of their career and the labour market.

Based on the experience of the Creative Soft Skills partners during the research and development phase of the project, including Hackathons that engaged with artists for project based work and training activities, the project partners have developed a toolkit that:

  • defines and describes soft skills
  • shares a methodology on how artists can identify and develop the soft skills needed to facilitate the beginning of their career
  • explain these skills can be recognised through a qualification.

It is divided into two section:

  1. what soft skills are, their importance and impact in the entrepreneurial and artistic fields
  2. training methodologies, activities and tools needed to enhance creative soft skills

Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit has been developed for:

  • artists of any kind of art (from visual to classical arts) at the early stage of their career or those interested in applying their art in new contexts
  • organizations dedicated to training, developing and promoting sustainable competitiveness through creative soft skills

The toolkit includes a self awareness tool developed by the project and a train the trainer guide.

Join the Creative Soft Skills journey and be inspired to develop creativity!