Creative Soft Skills is an Erasmus+ project aiming to produce a methodology able to identify, strengthen and recognize artists’ soft skills and facilitate the connection between artists and the labour market through the certification of creative soft skills. The project is therefore directed to artists of any kind of art (from visual to classical arts) at the early stage of their career and organizations dedicated to training, developing and promoting sustainable competitiveness through creative soft skills.

Supporting artists in developing new skills that create new job opportunities in non-creative contexts

Reinforcing artists’ profiles and general understanding of creative competencies in terms of employability

Developing innovative approaches to recognize, develop and validate competencies in non-formal learning settings


latest news from the project

Rhythm and feeling: Flamenco steps into my daily work

Rhythm and feeling: Flamenco steps into my daily work

Photo by Amy Gatenby on Unsplash A reflection Who am I? When I introduce myself I always start with my name and then I switch to what I do. That I work at Rozet and that I am project leader of non-formal learning processes in team education. BORING! Why do I think...