Article by Kulturanova

Working on the Creative Soft Skills project is additionally encouraged us to apply these skills even more in our daily work.

In the first place, we wanted to define what they mean to us and how they can help in the implementation of our activities and projects?

Soft skills are interpersonal attributes that you need to succeed in the workplace. We intentionally do not say “at work”, because the workplace also means the space in which we are with people, with whom we spend a lot of time.

They help us to encourage and improve communication with our associates, to lead discussions in a constructive direction, to learn to assess the dynamics and course of a conversation. They simply teach us to listen, but also to say what we want just the way we want it.

In this way we avoid noises in communication that can lead to misunderstandings or misunderstandings.

Applying soft skills in the workplace significantly improves productivity, creativity and communication among members of the organization, but also among other actors and participants in our activities and programs.

We will single out a few soft skills that we recommend to everyone.In the first place, those are communication skills. They are not only important for the civil sector, but can and should be used in any other job, whether we are talking to colleagues, clients, consumers or friends. Of course, this is accompanied by the skill of active listening in communication. It involves monitoring body language, nonverbal cues, feelings, and facial expression. That way, we can better understand what someone is telling us.

Lately, especially with the coronary virus pandemic, another skill has stood out – motivating co-workers, but also themselves. This skill can significantly contribute to the atmosphere and mood of employees. Savkom occasionally needs someone to “push” him.

In the end, although many of our members have already used these skills in their work (without even knowing it), the best combination is when they are taught and educated even more because these are just some skills that can help in professional and personal development. individual, but also organization.