Photo by Amy Gatenby on Unsplash

A reflection

Who am I?

When I introduce myself I always start with my name and then I switch to what I do. That I work at Rozet and that I am project leader of non-formal learning processes in team education.


Why do I think that is important? This only says something about what I do but nothing about who I am.

Then who am I?

Daughter of guest workers, Mother of 3, wife, girlfriend, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, I dance zumba and flamenco, love nordic-walk, go to a gym, play tennis, volunteer, make clothes, love to eat, gardening and so on .

I see myself functioning in what I call “the university of life.” This contains the holistic idea, namely the realization that everything is part of a larger whole, in which everything is interconnected. Seeing coherence and continuing to learn and reflect.

Eg In order to manage all activities at work and in private, I mainly use my skills to bring order and structure and to make schedules. Order and structure is also reflected in eg flamenco; understand the structure of the different rhythms within flamenco. Then I use another skill to interpret the dance within the structure, to bring feeling into it.

I combine intuition, feeling, experiences and impressions, often unconsciously with order and structure.

To get back to who I am and how I can best introduce myself ………. Whew, that is quite difficult.

Working point for me; I’m going to work on this.

Maribel, student of the university of life